Thursday, March 12, 2009

A New Place to Buy Frantic Meerkat!

I decided to take a stab at expanding my online selling opportunities and opened a shop at Big Cartel. I love Etsy, but it gets pretty expensive selling cards for $3.50, when paypal and etsy both take a cut. Big Cartel is basically just a shopping cart site. They take no cut of your sales, and the cart sends buyers directly to Paypal.

You set up your shop and for $20 a month you can list 100 items. The catch is that YOU have to drive people to your shop. There's no one else promoting your site, and people don't really browse big cartel like they do etsy. I'm planning on linking it to my website, but just haven't had time. So I'm not surprised that after a week I still have no sales. Hopefully tonight I'll update the link and will see if I get any additional sales.

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