Thursday, August 13, 2009

Plane Tickets Obtained!

Okay, I got the planet tickets for the Chicago Renegade Craft Fair yesterday. The drama was that I thought I had purchased them through Expedia right before I went to lunch. When I got back I didn't have a confirmation email, so I checked Expedia which only had an unpurchased itinerary for me. Unbeknownst to me, the purchase didn't go through, even though I'd put in all the info. When I selected the purchase button, it had gone to a blank page, but as my browser's been wacky lately I thought nothing of it. Except that in the hour I was gone, the price had gone up by $200 and I hadn't completed the purchase!

After another hour frantic hour of searching different websites and checking Expedia and my credit card to make sure I didn't end up with two sets of tickets, I got two more tickets through Hotwire for only $20 more than my first tickets. Of course, I have to leave 4 hours earlier (which makes a difference since I don't have vacation time left), and then we have a layover in Houston.

Remind me why this is better than the old days when everyone used a travel agent?

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