Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Mincing Mockingbird & Frantic Meerkat Visit the Windy City

So--after staying up til 1 a.m. every night this week, making 50 lbs. of magnets and printing hundreds of cards & prints, we're finally ready to hop a flight tomorrow afternoon from Bob Hope Airport in beautiful Burbank, CA (current temp 67°) bound for Chicago Midway Airport (current temp 34° with a wind chill of 24°). Tonight we're going to have a leisurely dinner and then relax by the Christmas tree reading classic literature and listening to Christmas carols, while our bags sit perfectly packed by the front door for our departure tomorrow.

Oh, who am I kidding. There are half-packed suitcases in every room of the house, unfolded cards on the love seat as well as scattered about the studio, and a stack of prints that need to be inventoried to see how many more need to be printed. We have a rain barrel that needs to be hooked up to the gutters before it starts raining all next week. Plus, I think there are containers in the fridge that may be moving.

And it's not due to poor planning, though I admit that both Mincy and I tend to be great procrastinators, but we're also great optimists and tend to think we can get so much more done in an allotted time slot than is actually humanly possible. We also had a bunch of retail stores contact us at the beginning of the week wanting cards & magnets for the holiday shopping season. I'm not blaming them...I'm just sayin'.

So despite our best intentions to not run ourselves ragged before Chicago Renegade Craft Fair, we apparently know no other way to operate. But please stop by booth #125 upstairs at the Pulaski Fieldhouse, Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 5 & 6. We've added new magnets, cards and prints to our already huge inventory (hence all the work). Plus I'll have my new pocket mirrors and holiday cards! And if that isn't enough incentive to stop by, we'll be wearing Santa hats, and it's not every day you get to see a meerkat and a mockingbird in Santa hats.

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