Saturday, March 29, 2008

Gocco and other Odd New Cards

So this is the final print of my first gocco run. I'm really happy with it and have already created a second design, but haven't had time to actually scan everything together and print it.

These other two pieces are cards that I added color to and am having made into magnets. The "She Troubled Him Deeply" one I've had in card form and sold a lot of (apparently a lot of people can relate to it -- which is scary), and the other one is a card I just designed and liked a lot. I should have them in a week's time and be able to put them in my etsy store.

I've recently noticed that I've been designing more bizarre cards and cards that just make me laugh, and then am surprised when someone actually buys one. "I can't believe someone bought that?!" often is heard in my studio. Now, it's not like it's not a great card, but sometimes it's hard to believe that someone else has wanted to own a card with a giant chicken with laser eyes trained on vintage fighters.

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