Friday, June 20, 2008

OMG! It's the Day of the Dead Gourd!

After two years of trying to get my friend, Heather, to put her awesome gourds on etsy, I finally took my lunch hour today and helped her set up her shop gourdwacko. She only has two items so far (it's still only 2:30), but is in the process of adding more this afternoon. This is one of my favorites (I can't resist skulls of any kind). She gave me one of her birdhouses for my birthday last week to go on the patio of my new house. She's been painting these gourds for years and selling them at craft shows, and I told her they were perfect for etsians. She also does beautiful fall bowls and fun Christmas ornaments.

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Friday said...

That gourd is amazing. I hope your friend does more of them - those will be great presents come November.