Thursday, August 7, 2008

Applying! Applying! Applying!

The past few days we've been applying to fall craft shows, and since most of them are juried, we won't know if we've been accepted for a few weeks. Plus, since at least one of them you only get a six foot table, we applied separately so we could have two tables (and hopefully together).

The studio's still not quite usable even after we both worked on it for an hour or so last night, but Mincy has to paint 10 paintings this weekend for a shop in Portland, so we'd at least better clear off a table top, find some art supplies and ignore the pile of Kim's miscellaneous boxes in the middle of the floor.


miriamdema said...

which ones did you apply for?
i gotta get my sell on!

The Mincing Mockingbird said...

I'd give your cleaning last night a B-. There was a bit too much "futzing."

Kim Bagwill said...

You'd better watch it, or I will post a photo of the ever-elusive Mincy on my blog.