Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Birds! Birds! Birds on HGTV!

Yesterday my fiance, The Mincing Mockingbird, was talking to his mom on the phone. She (who has the TV permanently glued to HGTV) was watching a new show called Dear Genevieve and saw his bird prints on the show! HGTV had contacted him about six months ago and bought some prints for a makeover show. Alas, we don't have cable, but a few people have emailed him and told them they saw his birds, which is exciting, but not quite as exciting as seeing them yourself. It's like hearing about someone's trip to Paris, while sitting on the futon in your one bedroom apartment. It was on yesterday, but from the website, it looks like it will be re-broadcast on Jan. 18 - 4:30 e/p (whatever that means). We'll post a link if we can find it on youtube. Read The Mincing Mockingbird's blog for more info here.

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