Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Disaster in Downtown

While driving through downtown LA, you may come upon one of Matt Adrian's disaster paintings, currently located at Cesar Chavez and Mission Street. He is also participating in Eco-LA's Off the Wall 3 show, and painted a 14" x 48" billboard all by himself in a San Fernando valley parking lot while fighting the hot sun and wind. It went up at this location this past Monday, but both he and the gallery owner are fearful of possible spray paint additions, so it may be moved before the show. I'll post the new location if it gets moved.
In the meantime, I'm pretty excited about this Saturday's show. I even had official business cards printed, which I'll probably leave in my car or apartment.

Just talked to a co-worker who drove by it Wednesday night and it still looks good (no taggers).

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