Saturday, April 28, 2007

A New Painting

I started a new painting today. Another double portrait. This one is of my son Noah when he was in kindergarten (5 years old) and today at 16 years old. This is just the underpainting, and I've decided that a black background, like the one I used for my self-portrait would be too dark with the black hair, so I have to pick something else. I even found a sentence from his kindergarten report card I'm going to use, but I won't reveal that until the painting's finished.


Paula said...

Aunt Kim, I think what you do is amazing. I'm still in awe about half the paintings you do and this one just adds to the jaw-dropping-extravaganza. Noah should be proud to have his picture painted by you.

Jordan Bagwill Eusebio said...

Somebody wants a painting made of them