Sunday, April 22, 2007

Off the Wall 3

The opening for Off the Wall 3 was last night and there was a great turnout, at least among my friends (no, seriously, there were tons of people). The first photo is of Shelly Rand, myself, Lisa Yuan, and Tom Vaillancort. The second photo is of my friend Ana and me in front of the small version of my painting. Next is Josh Margolies, who recently purchased two of my paintings and is telling me where all the great galleries are to check out in LA. The fourth photo is of Cari Marshall, who writes a blog, holarubia, about the southern California art scene. She's standing in front of Matt Adrian's painting, who's billboard was just moved to a new location at La Tijera at the 405 (east facing). I'll be posting more photos of that when I get them.

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