Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Billboard Project

This is the project I'm working on this next month. A small group of artists gathered at Eco-logical Art this morning to roll out, measure, tape off, and hang the vinyl billboards that six of us are going to paint. After lots of measuring and taping in the hot sun, we moved the two billboards into the warehouse and put plastic tubing through one end. Then we tied rope in eight places across the tubing and threw them over the center beam. I didn't actually get any over the beam, but I did attempt it a few times before handing it over to someone who could throw. Then we hoisted it up like a huge sail and held it while the owner tied it up with rope. There are two billboards back-to-back so six people can paint at once. Decisions hadn't been made about who got which spot, so we were done for the day. Tomorrow I go back and will be able to sketch in my painting and hopefully put some paint to canvas.

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