Sunday, March 18, 2007

Painting Days 3 & 4

Sorry I didn't have the energy to blog yesterday, plus the photos didn't make it look like I did very much, even though I was at the warehouse painting from 9:30 until 3 p.m. It was a scattered day because there were two other artists painting, plus some people were setting up a St. Patrick's Day party and they had a band doing sound check, so anytime you started talking to someone, you were drowned out by a rendition of Sweet Home Alabama. The was a slight problem because another artist was painting on the billboard on the other side of mine (behind it) and as they're backed up against each other, there was some swaying of the vinyl. So I was forced to repaint my crazy hair because there was no fine detail work involved.
The other distraction was that there were a couple of guys filming and taking photos for a mini-documentary of the process. They interviewed each artist and asked questions about your piece. All I'm going to say about it is they asked me if I had a good skip...and I actually had to skip for the camera.
The first photo is what I completed on Saturday, the second one is what I completed today. Tomorrow I'm going in at 6 a.m. (to try to avoid rush hour) and finish up the red dress and touch up the background and letters.

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Lorie said...

What's the name of that documentary? I need to add it to my Netflix queue!