Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm in the San Francisco Chronicle!

Last year for Earth Day I repainted one of my paintings 13 x 13 feet, "Kim Has a Good Skip", on a billboard size piece of vinyl for Eco-LA gallery here in Los Angeles. It was rehung in Los Angeles (above) this past January, and now it's hanging in San Francisco for the following month. Also, a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle called my fiance, the Mincing Mockingbird, (who painted a full-size billboard) and interviewed him. The article came out today and we're both mentioned! It's pretty exciting for us both. Here's the link for the article.
I think it's also running the actual printed paper on Tuesday, so we'll have to run around and see if we can find a copy.

Here's the link for one of the previous posts during the painting process.


Georgia said...

Congratulations!! Wow how fabulous for your work to be recognized. You deserve it. You are very talented. Great work

maryhelen said...

Awesome!! I'm so happy for you! (love the fish cartoon btw)