Thursday, April 3, 2008

Philip, The Adventurer

Here's my new gocco print. I didn't have quite the easy time I did with my first gocco print. This time my image was too dark, so my figure was a silhouette, and after cursing under my breath, I threw it in the trash (okay, it sat around for a few hours before I decided it was unsalvagable), and I burned a new lighter image. Plus I mixed a little gold ink with the black on the bug, and on the first screen I realized it was WAY too much gold, so I mixed it with a lot more black to get the subtle gold in the beetle.
I also decided to do limited edition prints, mostly because I realized what a pain and mess it is to try to clean and reuse the screens. I may change my mind later....but I doubt it.

Meanwhile, my fiance, the Mincing Mockingbird, was quietly painting birds in the bedroom/studio, unaware of the war I am waging against my screens.

1 comment:

miriamdema said...

congrats on the gocco printer!
it's looking great!
we all war with the screens, comes with screenprinting :)