Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Piece Sold!

Went to the Found 2 gallery opening at Cactus Gallery tonight, and there was a red dot by my piece, "Blessed are the Meek". It sold already! I was excited, but I think my fiance, the Mincing Mockingbird, was even more excited. He insisted we go out for a drink to celebrate, so we went to The Fat Dog in Montrose (CA) and had a drink and sweet potato fries. Very fun and tasty. I usually downplay successes, so it was fun to actually celebrate one this time.


Persimmons Gal said...

Congratulations! It is such a good feeling isn't it? Love your work!

I too recently had my very first show and sold a number of pieces. I wish I was smart enough to only go out for one drink though. I had many and am way too old for that now.

Kim Bagwill said...

Thanks! Your work is great!

Yeah, if I had sold multiple pieces, I probably would have had a drink for each one, so I was lucky this time. Hopefully I'll remember that when I sell multiples.

Lineberry said...

Congrats! That's so cool!

Leah said...

congrats on the sale! what a great feeling that is.

lovely work indeed.

Leah said...

oh my gawd....i was just looking around your etsy shop. i love the squirrel baby card.


Kim Bagwill said...

Thanks everyone! Selling a piece really is exciting. It justifies my four-year art degree at a private university (thanks Mom & Dad).